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E Brian Johnson

E Brian Johnson is an author, media producer and host of Nutramedica. He is a graduate of Ryerson University, The Apple School of Electronic Design at the University of Toronto School of Architecture and Centennial College, Toronto.

In addition to producing Nutramedica, he is a counsellor working primarily with young adults in the criminal justice system. Mr Johnson’s new book “The Little Wonders Playbook”, co-authored with Angie DeGeronimo, reveals a new framework for activating positive habits around health, mindset and relationships.

As a creative director and media producer, Mr Johnson has numerous audio and video credits to his name. He is a Canadian internet pioneer. He is a recording artist and music producer, performing under the name of Brian Asha. He champions the New Leaf Project, a game-changing solution for homelessness.

He currently lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.