Best Of 2022: Mental Health

Discover some of the best moments from our most popular programs and live events. The Best of Nutramedica 2022 on treating mental health.

This show compiles the very best episodes from 2022. We feature clinical pearls from physicians, scientists, and researchers working to make the world a healthier place.

More than ever, practitioners are treating patients with mental health conditions. Which is why we asked some leading physicians who focus on mental health to share their best practices on Nutramedica. In this episode, you’ll find wisdom from Dr Philip Rouchotas, ND.

Our series “Practitioner Self-Care” is one of our most popular.  This year, two of our most beloved practitioners shared their personal stories with us: Dr Tori Hudson, ND and Dr Michael Traub, ND, FABNO.

Key Take-Aways


Dr Philip Rouchotas On Treating Mental Health  
For over 17 years, Dr Philip Rouchotas has made mental health a focus of his busy practice. We asked him to share some clinical best practices in the treatment of mental health disorders.

Critically important is to quantify mental health symptoms when practitioners first see patients, and one where many integrative health care providers miss out. 

In this clip Dr Rouchatas reveals why a thorough assessment at intake is a number one priority.

Watch the full episode here: Treating OCD, Bipolar Disorder and Psychosis

Diagnosis & Survival: Dr Michael Traub Shares His Story
Dealing with a cancer diagnosis is difficult for anyone, but doctors with cancer surely face a special challenge. They're accustomed to giving medical care, not receiving it. And perhaps they know better than most what their future might look like.

We sat down with Dr Michael Traub to hear his very personal story of diagnosis and survival. He shared the unique and focused daily self-care regime that was his secret weapon in his successful battle against squamous cell carcinoma.

Watch the full episode here: Diagnosis & Survival: Dr Michael Traub Shares His Story

The Unexpected Journey Of Dr Tori Hudson
Dr Tori Hudson is a living legend. From small-town America to the heart of the hippy counter-culture, Dr Tori Hudson shared her journey to becoming one of our most beloved physicians and educators. 

She spoke with host E Brian Johnson about her secrets to staying happy, healthy and true to her values.

Watch the full episode here: The Unexpected Journey Of Dr Tori Hudson

Key Quote  

“I believe that the naturopath should be the frontline in mental health now. The word is getting out that naturopaths can actually be very helpful in these situations, which is why we are seeing more and more individuals presenting with mental health concerns at our clinics.” Dr Philip Rouchotas,, ND

“I think that my experience with cancer three years ago caused me to revisit some of my values and how I live. I've made some healthy changes in my life, like not working so much and taking enough time off. In the past I've found myself in relationships that were not very healthy, but I am currently with somebody who accepts me for who I am”. Dr Michael Traub, ND FABNO

“For me, growing up in a small town and being different, I found my people. Secretly, you know, being a gay child in a small town and then learning that you didn't have to be so secret.  Then, with the seventies, and different alternative lifestyle opportunities, I found I could live in a situation with others that were like me and comfortable and like minded. Women that were learning all these skills that were previously only available to men”.  Dr Tori Hudson, ND


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