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As a practitioner, you work hard every day to take care of the health and well-being of your patients. But how are you caring for yourself? Dr Wendy Davis ND has found the time to run a successful practice and launch a medicinal tea line. We asked her to share her self-care regime with us.

Today we are talking to Dr Wendy Davis ND who runs a successful practice in rural Saskatchewan. In addition to treating her patients, Dr Davis runs a small farm, cares for her children and has recently launched Harmony Teas, a therapeutic tea company. We asked her what she does to care for herself to be at her best every day for her family - and her patients.

Key Take-Aways

Unique Environment
Dr Davis’ primary practice is in a little village southeast of Regina in the heart of Canada’s prairies.  Dr Davis also works one day a week in a nearby city called Estevan. She and her family are surrounded by the vast, unlimited space of the Canadian heartland.

Stress and Anxiety
In the last two years, Dr Davis has been seeing more cases of anxiety and depression in her practice. That has affected her as a practitioner and she sometimes comes home mentally and physically exhausted.

What is her Self-Care Regimen?
Dr Davis makes a practice of rising early, usually at 5:30 a.m. She likes that time because nobody else is awake and she can enjoy her tea and her journals.  Some days Dr Davis walks home from work so as to take time to be alone and decompress from her day. Also, as long as Dr Davis has been practicing, she takes Wednesdays off so she can catch up with paperwork, do some research and consult with other practitioners.


Other Approaches to Self-Care
Dr Davis practices target shooting, which requires that she quiet her mind, lower her blood pressure through controlled breathing and stay calm and focused. Dr Davis enjoys this as an alternative to meditating.

Diet and Exercise
Living in a small town means that sometimes access to fresh produce is limited. Dr Davis is very particular about her diet. She and her family raise bison, pigs, and chickens, thus are fortunate to have ample supplies of organic protein. Dr Davis also maintains a vegetable garden to ensure she has access to fruit and vegetables year round.   


Being Organized
Dr Davis runs a thriving practice, manages her small farm and spends a lot of time with her kids.  She is also launching a therapeutic line of tea called Harmony Teas. In order to succeed her day is very structured. She lives by her calendar and her white board! 


The Importance Of A Dispensary 
Dr Davis believes it is important to have her own product dispensary. This is because her practice is rural and her patients like the convenience. It is an important source of revenue for her business.


Key Quotes  

“We also have pigs and chickens which occasionally get out, but that's how I can guarantee that at least my protein is generally really clean … and I grow a lot of my own vegetables and have done so in the past, but it is definitely hard.

Dr Wendy Davis


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