The Zen of Crochet

Practitioners today are facing more and more pressure at work and at home. So what are you doing to stay healthy and focused? Busy clinicians share their daily practice of self-care with Nutramedica host E Brian Johnson. In this edition, we talk to Dr Yasaman Tasalloti.

As a practitioner, you work hard every day taking care of your patients. But who is taking care of you - and what are you doing to take care of yourself? We sat down with Dr Yasaman Tasalloti ND to learn how she manages to balance her busy practice and her family life. We discovered that for Dr Tasalloti, a regular morning routine and a spot of crochet holds the key to healthy self-care.

We spoke to Dr Tasalloti at her practice in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Key Takeaways


  1. Increase in patient stress  I would say for sure Covid has hit so many people in different ways. My patients already had their own stressors and then on top of that, everyone, as you know, has different ways that they've been impacted. So there's definitely been an increase in stress for sure.
  2. Keeping work "at work"  I am compassionate with my patients and I tend to be empathetic. I don't believe I necessarily take on what they bring in because over the years I've just learned to leave my work “at work”. It's very rare that I bring it home. That said, I do engage in self-care practices throughout the week.
  3. Your morning routine starts in the evening  I've learned to really be systematic about my weekly rhythm and what it is that I truly need. Everyone talks about the morning routine, but the morning routine actually begins in the evening! So I've honed in on that and I like to make sure everything is orderly, tidy, prepped, ready to go for the morning. And then first thing in the morning, I have to have my mind straight.
  4. Faith-based practice I practice my faith. I do a mindset exercise. I journal and then I have to move. So I've scheduled group fitness classes at least four days a week minimum throughout the week, and then get on with my day and then finally I come home. And again, making sure that the evening routine is in place. I’ve found that it has made a huge difference for my day and the rest of the week.
  5. The power of de-cluttering  So one technique that I actually learned a couple of years ago was whether it's your work office or home office, making sure you clear up your desk and make it ready for the following morning. That's a very small task but has a pretty significant impact. So I make sure to do that, making sure, again, all areas are clutter-free.
  6. The power of three  I look at the schedule for the day ahead, prioritizing the three tasks that I need to get done and making sure even little things like my clothes or my backpack are ready to go. Everything's in its place so that all you have to do in the morning is just focus on your morning routine and just head out the door. And that just gives so much calm to your mind and saves you a lot of time.
  7. Prioritizing exercise  I've learned that although I can go to a gym and work out, I love the group fitness aspect because it really motivates me to go and keeps me going. So in terms of incorporating it, I've just made sure that's non-negotiable in my day, because I've come to the point of if I don't work out for two days, I feel it in my body. So it's a non-negotiable. I just make it a must and do it and I schedule it. I think after you do something enough times, you learn that it's what your body actually needs. And so even if you think you're so busy, I think the body just tells you it's a must.
  8. New hobbies that quiet the mind  I was thinking about something to integrate into the evening routine. Especially if I have had a very busy day and my mind is still going even after I’ve done all those things I mentioned. I’d heard a couple of my friends speak about crocheting. So that’s going to be my new hobby and soon I’ll have plenty of blankets to share. Hopefully!


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