Savvy Practitioner | How Dr Kristy Lewis Became A Savvy Practitioner

43 minute episode
In this tenth and final video in the Savvy Practitioner series, Dr Kristy Lewis ND shares her personal story of how she beat burnout to become a successful clinician entrepreneur.

Over the last ten programs of this video training series, the Savvy Practitioner has delivered on its promise of giving you the tools you need to become a prosperous clinician entrepreneur. In the last program of the series, Dr Kristy Lewis ND shares her personal story about how she used the ideas we’ve covered in the Savvy Practitioner to transform her business to ultimately deliver on her goal of increasing her impact - and being paid what she’s worth.

Key Takeaways

Burnout Is Real 
Many practitioners go into the profession with high hopes but with poor professional boundaries. Constant stress and exhaustion soon take their toll. The demands of running a business and seeing patients can start to impact your ability to function. Burnout has very real consequences on your personal relationships, your ability to run a successful business and your capacity to care for your patients.

First Step Is To Step Back 
Many practitioners who are suffering the effects of burnout do not have the luxury of just slowing down or stopping. Financial obligations including paying back student loans make it very difficult to even step back. However, step back you must. Take a clear-eyed look at where you are spending your time and energy and what is the return on that investment. Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results is the definition of madness. It’s time to do things differently.

Get Aligned With Your Values 
The first step is to re-connect with why you chose to become a practitioner. Then, do a deep dive into what part of your vocation gives you the most joy and satisfaction. Once you understand where your values are and what gets you passionate about coming into work every day, you can start to re-focus your practice towards that sweet spot.

Remember, you cannot be all things to everybody. Once you have aligned with your values do the work to figure out your niche market. Narrowing your focus is the first step to becoming a more successful clinician entrepreneur.

Revisit Your Client Journey And Adapt! 
A key concept covered in the Savvy Practitioner is Dr Meghan Walker’s Quadrants of Care. Patients today want to move away from a transactional care model towards a more holistic, transformative health care experience. Also, patients have different needs as they move through the four Quadrants of Care. Each quadrant offers the savvy practitioner an opportunity to engage with their patients and monetize in ways that do not always tie them to one-on-one visits.

Practitioners who want to connect with patients “where they are at” need to start developing digital assets that engage and educate.  Access expertise in those areas where you need help; branding, web design, digital marketing, and so on.

Be Authentic. Be Consistent 
Authenticity is just as important online as it is in your visiting room. Whether you start making videos, recording podcasts or simply writing blogs, make sure that the channels you choose to communicate with your patients feel like a natural fit and align with your values and interests.

And be consistent! Create a content calendar and stick to it.

The Personal vs Professional 
Because much of what we share as a professional comes from a deep personal conviction, it’s easy to take criticism to heart. Especially the kind of criticism we see online, which is not always informed or very fair. It’s important to guard against becoming personally triggered or emotionally entangled with your online activities. Remember that they are just an exercise in marketing and not a proxy of your worth as a practitioner or a human being. Let it go!

Time Management Is Key To Your Success 
Plan out each day of your week to ensure that you are putting time and energy into the things that are delivering ROI for your business. Safeguard your personal and family time. Plan your week. Plan your day. Then stick to it. Self-care is key to running a successful practice.

Key Quotes

“I think naturopathic doctors, as a profession, we love what we do. We actively chose this path and it is a big part of how we see ourselves and our place in the world. When you put yourself out there, even in a professional setting, there is always that opportunity for people who maybe don't agree to criticize. And so I think having that true sense of self, that true intention helps with that. If something is not well-received or misunderstood, you can always know that your intention is clear. And that is what absolutely helps keep me grounded in this very public space at times.”  Dr Kristy Lewis


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