How This Dynamic Duo Changed The Game

15 min episode
Many integrative health practitioners are still struggling to develop an abundant and thriving practice. Find out what these two practitioners did differently to WOW their patients and drive efficiencies throughout their practice.

Meet Dr Dianna Giles-Grawbarger and Laura Kelly of the Infinity North Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Clinic. Infinity North has many of the characteristics of integrated health clinics everywhere; they have a nice location, an attractive website, and a full slate of services to care for their growing list of patients. But there exists one important difference.

To find out what that is, let's welcome these two doctors and hear for ourselves the secret to their success.

Key Take-Aways

Working as a team
From marketing to accounting, launching a website and more, building a career as a naturopathic doctor requires more than the working with patients. Dr Dianna Giles-Grawbarger and Laura Kelly soon found that the triangular business model (ie. somebody is on top and everyone else falls underneath) was not only financially, but also emotionally challenging.

Thrown together through networking, they soon found out that they were a good match and they started working together at Dr Dianna’s Infinity North clinic.

A practice new model
Searching for ways to differentiate themselves while improving efficiencies and patient outcomes they started to see patients together. It was a revelation!

Dr Dianna and Laura now each see every patient together. Not only is each of them able to integrate every patient's information, but a dynamic occurs that creates an energy level that transforms the doctor-patient dynamic.

Two heads are better than one
Dr Dianna and Laura each take a patient’s case file and works it up independently, then they collaborate on next steps. Each doctor knows what she likes to do and what her strengths are, and thus contributes to making the overall diagnosis more thorough.

Financial implications of the new model
The combined initial consultation is marginally more expensive, but only in the realm of $20 to $30 more. However, for patients, given the benefit of seeing doctors with two different perspectives, this still makes a lot of sense.

Clinic growth and reputation
Infinity North Naturopathic and Functional Medicine Clinic has enjoyed year on year growth since adopting this care delivery model. It clearly differentiates the practice from other clinics in the area and drives referrals that bring in close to $750k per year for their business.

Further, it enables each doctor to take time off without sacrificing patient outcomes, a win-win for both patients and doctors.


Key Quotes


“Patients feel like they're part of a team and it's always great. I mean, it's just always great. They come in and say, ‘Oh my gosh, I feel like I'm so well taken care of’.” Dr Dianna Giles-Grawbarger

“Patients just get more care. They get their questions answered quicker when they call because it doesn't matter which one of us is here. Our patients are so used to being carried by both of us that it's kind of a seamless transition between one of us being here or not being here.” Laura Kelly

“We certainly didn't learn it in school. , We're so happy to share it with people so that they can see there's more (care delivery models) out there where you're not suffering from burnout and you can have a true partner that picks up for the things that you find difficult and you can concentrate on the things that you love.” Laura Kelly


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