Self-Care: The Secret Is Home Made Tomato Sauce

You take care of your patients but who is caring for you? And what are you doing to take care of yourself? We spoke with Dr Philip Rouchotas ND about how he ensures he brings his best everyday to his patients and his family. And why talking to plants is not weird.

Savvy clinicians know that to ensure that you can be at your best every day for your clients, you need to be paying attention to your own health. Accordingly, we asked Dr Philip Rouchotas to share his self-care routine with us. Dr Rouchotas runs a busy clinical practice with a focus on mental health. He is also an Associate Professor at the Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and is the editor of the new Canadian Journal of Naturopathic Medicine.

Key Take-Aways

1. Safeguard your own mental health It is easy to bring home stress and anxiety which can affect your general wellness. Pastimes such as cooking, gardening and even target practice are great distractions to ensure you are not preoccupied with your work-related issues while away from the office.

2. Stay active Exercise is an important activity, particularly if you share it with family.  Engaging in physical activity creates positive work/life balance, especially in green space which has been shown to reduce stress.

3. Diet Healthy eating is key. Consuming only two meals a day starting at 11am enables calorie control. Avoiding carbohydrates is important, as is trying out new recipes and menu items.

4. Gardening Being an urban farmer can be fun. Growing vegetables then making homemade tomato sauce, all of it out of the garden, is rewarding. Such activity creates 150 jars a year of sauce, as well as providing lots of fun with the kids.

5.  Lifestyle management Taking a day off a week can improve work/life balance.  Over-committing and attempting to do too much is counterproductive. Also, reduce your commute if you can because time in traffic is stressful!

Key Quotes  

“When it comes to my general health and fitness, it is embarrassing because I have a four-year-old son and a six-year-old daughter. We try to spend a lot of time outdoors with them and we take them for a hike. We come home exhausted and my two kids look at me, and say “Dad, we're going to go biking now...” 

Dr Philip Rouchotas

“I consider myself a closet chef. I watch all the cooking shows, I jot down recipes, I experiment, my kids like my experiments, and they get to eat some pretty fancy meals.” 

Dr Philip Rouchotas

“I really enjoy the fall when I grow all the veggies and then we make homemade tomato sauce, all of it out of the garden. We usually hit 150 jars a year and that's a lot of fun with the kids. Like if you walk into the house on sauce day, it looks like it's a murder.” 

Dr Philip Rouchotas

“I totally talk to plants, you know and a lot of people think that's weird, but we're allowed so it works out.”  

Dr Philip Rouchotas


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