Impact Medicine with Dr Meghan Walker | Mindset

Impact Medicine is a new book by Dr Meghan Walker. She shares a six-step plan for clinician entrepreneurs to build their practice - and earn more recurring revenue (while ditching the stress). This episode is about the importance of focusing on your mindset.

Impact Medicine, the new book from Dr Meghan Walker, offers a six-step plan for clinician entrepreneurs to build their practice by reaching more people - and building recurring revenue. 

Impact Medicine stands for:

  • I for Intention
  • M is for mindset 
  • P is for people 
  • A is for attraction. How do we attract the right group of people? 
  • C is for Cents: money management 
  • T is thinking like an entrepreneur

In this episode Dr Walker asks “How do we bring a new mindset to our practice?  How do we design the life we want?” 


Dr Meghan Walker works with Clinician Entrepreneurs and business owners in health and wellness to create the impact and income that aligns with their purpose. She is the founder of Clinician Business Labs, a community of clinician entrepreneurs dedicated to putting health into as many hands as possible.

Key Take-Aways


Confidence does not come in the mail
Practitioners often operate within a self-imposed set of limitations. They lack the confidence to make bold decisions, especially if it means changing things up.

Even if we don’t feel confident, it’s important to move forward, because meeting life's experiences head on is the only way we’ll gain the confidence we need. And if things don't work out at first, confidence helps us try again.

Give yourself permission
Because practitioners operate within organizations built on rules and structure - for example our education or the associations we must join in order to practice, we find it hard to give ourselves permission to think differently. And do things differently!

A state of self authorization is really challenging for us, but so important in making important decisions about our business.

Resilience: Building up your mental toughness
Resilience refers to how well you can bounce back from the difficulties of life. It can mean the difference between handling pressure and losing your cool. 

If you prepare yourself in advance for the inevitable set-backs we all face - whether it's scratching the car door or facing judgment and criticism - you’ll be better prepared to cope with the stress and maintain your positive outlook.

Stepping into the ring
Once you have the confidence to step up and take charge of your own life, to make changes in your business that may not be the “accepted way of doing things” and to finally step into the ring on your own terms, you find yourself pleasantly surprised. Why? Because the ring is full of other gladiators!

Those gladiators will welcome a new fighter in their midst. They will pick you up and show you how to fight the lion in a different way. And so the ring is actually safer because it is filled with fellow courageous colleagues making better, smarter self authorized decisions.

Key Quote  

“The real world rewards you for trying things, figuring out what worked, and stepping forward and moving forward quickly. The real world does not reward perfectionism.”
Dr Meghan Walker


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