Impact Medicine with Dr Meghan Walker | Intention

Impact Medicine is outlined in a new book by Dr Meghan Walker. She shares a six-step plan for clinician entrepreneurs to build their practice - and earn more recurring revenue. This episode is about the importance of proceeding with intention.

Impact Medicine is a six-step plan for clinician entrepreneurs to build their practice by reaching more people - and building recurring revenue. 

Impact Medicine stands for:

  • I for Intention
  • M is for mindset 
  • P is for people 
  • A is for attraction. How do we attract the right group of people? 
  • C is for Cents: money management 
  • T is thinking like an entrepreneur. 

How do we bring a new mindset and way of thinking about our practice so that we're able to continuously grow and innovate and how we reach more people? How do we design the life we want? 

It’s all about proceeding with Intention. That is what we’ll be exploring in this first episode of Impact Medicine with Dr Meghan Walker.


Dr Meghan Walker works with Clinician Entrepreneurs and business owners in health and wellness to create the impact and income that aligns with their purpose. She is the founder of Clinician Business Labs, a community of clinician entrepreneurs dedicated to putting health into as many hands as possible.

Key Take-Aways


How To Proceed With Intention

“When I'm talking about intention, I'm talking about eight specific areas. The first is impact. Are you having the impact that you feel you want to have in the world?”

“Second is purpose. Do you feel like you are working in alignment with your purpose?” 

“The third is health. Do you feel like your health is thriving as an influence of your business? I'm just going to call us out here. Practitioners were really unhealthy and burnt out and tired and insecure and all the things because they didn't have clarity. It was sort of this dark secret we held as practitioners. I'm not very healthy because my business is killing me”. 

“Are you earning what you want to be earning? Do you feel sufficiently empowered financially as a result of what you've created in your business?” 

“Are you growing? Are you growing intellectually? Are you going spiritually? Are you growing in all facets of your life? Is your entrepreneurial journey adding to the experiential side of your life?” 

“Is your entrepreneurial journey something that is fostering new relationships? Are you having the chance to meet new people? Are you finding ways to integrate your family into it? I want to walk my kids to school every day. I don't want meetings before 10 a.m.. I'm not being a princess. I'm being intentional around how I want to live my life”. 

“And lastly, is legacy. How is your business, your entrepreneurial journey influencing your legacy? And I don't mean just philanthropic giving. How are you taking your experience and skill and handing them off to the next generation of practitioners?”

“These are the eight areas that I encourage practitioners - clinician entrepreneurs - to tap into so that we can build an intentional plan around their business”.  

Key Quote  

“Impact Medicine is a six-step plan for clinician entrepreneurs to build their practice as a unique system of medicine. So I fundamentally believe that the way we deliver care can be part of the care itself. So Impact focuses on six core areas that I work with practitioners on to find clarity and to accentuate so that we're building recurring revenue. ” Dr Meghan Walker 



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