Savvy Practitioner 9 | Become A Clinician Entrepreneur

33 minute episode
In this ninth video in the Savvy Practitioner series, Dr Meghan Walker shares why NOW is the time to develop your unique offering, leverage your time more profitably and deliver on your ultimate goal.

The Savvy Practitioner is a training series designed for clinic owners and associates. Each program reveals how to better deliver on your ultimate goal of maximizing your impact - and your income. Over the last nine programs of this video training series, the Savvy Practitioner has covered how to develop your niche, how to showcase your unique offering, how to leverage your time more profitably, and how to deliver on your ultimate goal of doing more of what you love - and being paid what you're worth.

Well, today we're going to tie it all together with some profitable time management tips and we’ll take a look at the resources available to practitioners who are ready to make some changes. We're going to do it, as always with our favourite clinician entrepreneur, Dr Megan Walker from Clinician Business Labs.

Key Takeaways

Unprofitable Time Management 
Many practitioners feel overwhelmed, disappointed, and burnt out by their practice. They spend sixty percent of their time seeing patients. They spend thirty percent of their time in unpaid follow-up. That leaves just ten percent of their time to run their practice and plan for the future. It is a recipe for a stagnant practice and a burnt-out practitioner.

Profitable Time Management 
The goal of profitable time management is to see patients twenty-five percent of the time. Unpaid follow-up work should be about fifteen percent of your time. Thirty percent of your time should be spent on building relationships and planning for the future of your business.

This is a step-by-step process that starts with niching your practice, diversifying your offering, creative income streams in the four quadrants of care, creating benchmarks, and tracking your progress towards your goals. All of these have been covered in the Savvy Practitioner series.

You are a creative, unstoppable badass. Act like it! 
Do not be constrained by the ways that people have traditionally “done” medicine. You are entirely entitled to come up with something brand new that works for you. Pick and choose from the ideas we have shared in the Savvy Practitioner. Start by setting some new rules for yourself. Set some goals! What do you want to earn? What kind of impact do you want to have? Get creative and diversify your offering.  Start earning what you are worth! You can do it!

Here is a thought: Step up and become the primary breadwinner in your household. Ask your partner to shoulder more of the household duties so you can focus on building a successful business. For the both of you!

You are not the Lone Ranger 
Feeling overwhelmed? You are surrounded by resources and experts who can help you achieve your goals. You are not the Lone Ranger! Think of it this way, if you get a toothache what do you do? Get out a pair of pliers or see a dentist? Do you do DIY plumbing or do you call a plumber? Access expertise in those areas where you need help: branding, web design, digital marketing, and so on.

Clinician Business Labs 
Fewer than twenty-five percent of practitioners are financially independent by year five of their practice and few have a clear plan about how they are going to pay back their student loans and finally achieve their personal and professional goals.

If you are ready to make some changes in your practice but you are not sure where to start, get in touch with Clinician Business Labs. Founded by Dr Meghan Walker, CBL has helped thousands of practitioners win back their peace of mind, evolve their businesses, and increase their impact and their income.

Clinician Business Labs offers several programs:

  • The First 18: The First 18 is an online program designed to launch clinicians through the First eighteen months of practice. The First 18 lays the foundation for success in practice. The program has been deliberately designed to fast-track the implementation of your brand systems and marketing. All programs follow the Clinician CEO Methodology, with an emphasis on helping you build a Strategic Care System, Empowerment-based Marketing System, and an Organized Operational Strategy. The First 18 has been designed to provide clinicians with an ROI within two months of practice.
  • The Clinician CEO The Clinician CEO is not a program, it is a methodology that is designed to provide practitioners with the strategies to turn their practice into a business that is poised for growth and impact. The Clinician CEO Methodology will add predictable revenue, new patients, and organization to your business.
  • The Clinician Code is a Mastermind for Clinician Entrepreneurs, ready to amplify their expertise, establish their authority, and create a scalable signature offering in their office and online. By application, members of the CODE community are literally changing the face of natural healthcare delivery.

Key Quotes

“We have two systems that manage the health care of our communities. The traditional health care system manages disease. Natural and integrative health practitioners focus on preventative strategies that build health over the long term. The pandemic has underscored the need for a 360-degree approach to health in our communities. Governments need people to be healthier. Doctors need people to be healthier. Our hospital system needs people to be healthier. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for us as an industry to have an unprecedented impact on the lives and health of individuals and families.” Dr Meghan Walker


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