For Karolyn Gazella, horseback riding gives her wings!

How do you optimize your own self-care as a busy practitioner? We sat down with Karolyn Gazella, the founder of the Natural Medicine Journal and the CEO of Five to Thrive, to learn her secrets to safeguarding her mental health and enjoying life every day.

Karolyn Gazella is the founder of the Natural Medicine Journal and the CEO of Five to Thrive - as well as a co-host of their live radio show and podcast series. She is a well-known and well-loved champion of integrative health practitioners everywhere!
We sat down with Karolyn to learn how she keeps her life in balance - and what she does to safeguard her mental health.

For Karolyn it’s all about getting outside with her horses and her four legged friend Riley - and the occasional indulgence.

Key Take-Aways


Getting outside!
Karolyn’s self-care routine has been pretty consistent for the past 20 years. It’s all about getting outside! She focuses on movement. For example, she likes to hike with her dog Riley or ride out with Beau and Sundance, her horses. For Karolyn that is the perfect trifecta: nature, four-legged furry family members and exercise. Combining Those three things on a daily basis assures Karolyn’s mental health.

What’s for dinner?
Karolyn embraces a whole-foods, unprocessed, Mediterranean-style diet. Her diet is lower in red meat and high in healthy fats and oils. She avoids sodas, fast foods and sweets. But she’ll admit to enjoying occasional indulgence. Everything in moderation…including moderation!

Staying mindful
“Raising her vibration” by focusing on her conscious state is a priority for Karolyn. Every morning she begins with a gratitude prayer before rising. The room is still dark, and while she is waking up, she starts to think about her day and moves into contemplating gratitude.  She stays mindful all day through meditation and deep breathing exercises. 

Getting a good night’s sleep
Many of us struggle with sleep, and we all know how important it is. Insufficient sleep can lead to insulin resistance, inflammation, weight gain, reduced immunity - and let’s be honest,  extreme irritability.

Karolyn is very careful about her routine before sleep. She does not keep a TV in the bedroom. For Karolyn, it can sometimes take a 1/2 hour or longer to fall asleep. Sometimes she’ll listen to Delta wave music to help her drift off.

Sometimes Karolyn will supplement to enhance her sleep. GABA is a nutrient that is good for sleep, as is L-theanine. Karolyn is one of those people for whom melatonin acts as a stimulant, so she doesn’t take it at bedtime.

Loving relationships
Karolyn makes her relationships with family and friends a focus of her life. She makes the effort to nurture those relationships, and has learned to love herself.

Learning to love herself has been a struggle because after Karolyn was diagnosed with alopecia, her self-esteem took a hit. Today, she has accepted her new normal and once again can look at herself in the mirror - usually to try on the latest in her collection of cool hats.

Key Quotes  

“My morning ritual is really important to me because it establishes my mindset for the whole day.” Karolyn Gazella

“I had to really heal from that (low self-esteem due to alopecia) because that can be toxic. So yeah, I think self-love is a good thing to focus on, and it's something that I really make an effort to develop.” Karolyn Gazella




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