Savvy Practitioner 1 | Maximize Your Impact

39 minute episode
Flying by the seat of your pants is over. It's time to earn your worth and start making a massive impact in your practice. The Savvy Practitioner is a video training series from Nutramedica that reveals the strategies and tactics you need to build your practice and embrace the successful clinician entrepreneur within you.

At Nutramedica, our focus is on always giving you, the practitioner, the tools you need to be more successful. This is the first in a series of training programs about how to build your practice. Today we welcome Dr Meghan Walker, CEO of Clinician Business Labs,  to reveal the strategies and tactics she’s developed working with thousands of practitioners as they evolve their practice to meet the challenges and opportunities of the new healthcare marketplace.

Key Takeaways


The Risk In One-On-One Care Delivery
The pandemic has revealed that the one-on-one care delivery model is a very risky proposition for practitioners.  All our income streams - visits, testing, dispensary etc - have been predicated on a patient coming through the door.  The pandemic has revealed an inherent risk in that model.

Acceleration Of New Care Models
Today, patients are actually looking for access to health care in a way that is not just a one-on-one visit. The pandemic has forced a new care delivery model simultaneously on practitioners and on consumers. We have accelerated the implementation of virtual care models by about three to five years faster than we ever would have anticipated.

Early Adopters Benefit
The practitioners who got online and then created new ways for patients to achieve outcomes are experiencing the highest degree of revenue they've ever had in their business.

Diversify Your Offering
You are going to have to build a business beyond just filling your schedule. You must learn how to leverage your time so that you are spending a portion with your patients, but you're also establishing a system that can be implemented not just by other associates but also through digital assets that can move patients to a positive outcome but without always being 100% dependent on YOU.

Niche Your Practice
Today, successful practitioners focus on a particular niche. This allows you to streamline your marketing and your practice systems. It allows you to create efficiencies in your business.

Three Core Areas
Creating standard operating procedures are the elements that give you back your freedom because you're only going to grow as far as the complexity you can handle. To grow you’ve got to establish these three core areas: Care Strategy, Empowerment-based Marketing, and Operations.

Quadrants Of Care
The opportunity to grow and safeguard your income comes from creating patient engagement by designing products and services that align with the “stages of readiness” for each patient. We call this the Quadrants Of Care.

Delivering service across all four Quadrants Of Care is critical to successfully growing your practice today. By creating this ecosystem you're actually helping more people and increasing your revenue not by lowering your prices, but by innovating your offer. And it doesn't require that you are in front of all these patients every single day.

Key Quote  

“We ask two strategic questions of practitioners. And if you have clarity around this, it's going to make a huge difference in your business. First, what is your income goal?

Secondly, we ask what is your impact goal? Because your answer is going to inform where we go next. You're going to be in a place where you're going to have financial flexibility and flexibility in terms of your career”.  Dr Meghan Walker


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