Impact Medicine with Dr Meghan Walker | Attraction

Impact Medicine is a new book by Dr Meghan Walker. Clinical entrepreneurs can learn how to build their practices and earn more recurring revenue with her six-step plan. This episode is about the importance of attracting the right people.

Impact Medicine, the new book from Dr Meghan Walker,  offers a six-step plan for clinician entrepreneurs to build their practice by reaching more people - and building recurring revenue. 

Impact Medicine stands for:

  • I for Intention
  • M is for mindset 
  • P is for people 
  • A is for attraction. How do we attract the right group of people? 
  • C is for Cents: money management 
  • T is thinking like an entrepreneur. 

In this episode Dr Walker asks “How do we attract the right people to our practice?  Or how do we communicate the value of our offering to the people that we want to serve?




Dr Meghan Walker works with Clinician Entrepreneurs and business owners in health and wellness to create the impact and income that aligns with their purpose. She is the founder of Clinician Business Labs, a community of clinician entrepreneurs dedicated to putting health into as many hands as possible.


Key Take-Aways


Why Marketing is like Vegetables
There is not an offering in this world that does not have to be marketed. I market vegetables to my children every night at dinner. It's not about selling people something they don't need. None of us are comfortable with that. But this is about how we communicate the value of our offering to the people that we want to serve.

When People Appreciate being Marketed to
The people that we want to serve are busy. They've got things going on in their lives. They appreciate being marketed to when someone understands their needs. When there is clarity in their messaging so we can all understand the solution

People appreciate being marketed to when someone understands their needs and provides a solution that makes their life easier or improves the quality of their life.

The law of attraction
Part of your attraction feature is actually the simplicity of your messaging and truly understanding the people that you serve.

The Internet has afforded us a capacity to package our care in more innovative ways, including group programs, online programs, books, and just talking every day on social media.

Narrowing your area of expertise
Narrow your arena of authority because it allows you to get to know your people really well. It enables you to understand what their next right need is.  And the more you know your clients, the more specific you are about the people that you serve, the easier it is to speak with clarity and confidence.


Key Quote  

“Health and wellness is a $4 trillion global industry. It's actually a larger industry than the pharmaceutical industry. And here we have some of the most educated individuals deploying care. Yet we're at the bottom of the totem pole in terms of revenue acquired from this massive industry.

We have so many innovative ways that we can package health for people, we really need to stop thinking that it is the be all and end all for someone to sit across from us one-on-one.”
Dr Meghan Walker


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