The First 18 | A Special Gift For New Grads

Are you a new graduate of a naturopathic medical program? Congratulations! You are eligible to receive The First 18 Program by Clinician Business Labs at no cost to you, courtesy of NFH Inc.

Nutritional Fundamentals for Health (NFH) Inc. is gifting The First 18 business program from Clinician Business Labs to all new graduates of naturopathic medical programs in Canada or the United States.

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The First 18 program is designed for new practitioners on the verge of launching a new practice. Literally hundreds of practitioners from around the world have benefited from this program.

NFH is the sponsor of Nutramedica and we are thrilled to be able to partner with them in making The First 18 available to you to help launch your new career.

To register, simply contact your local NFH school representative or visit