Best Of 2022: Children's Health

Here are some of the best moments from our most popular programs and live events. Enjoy the Best of Nutramedica 2022 on children’s health.

This show compiles the very best episodes from 2022. We feature clinical pearls from physicians, scientists, and researchers working to make the world a healthier place.

Children’s health has been called the wealth of a nation. There is a mountain of  evidence that reveals healthy children are more likely to become healthy adults. Which is why we always make sure to include children’s health programming on Nutramedica.

Here are some of the best moments from our most popular programs on children’s health on Nutramedica.

Key Take-Aways


Dr Taylor Bean on Speaking To New Parents About Vaccines
A majority of new parents have questions about vaccines and transparency around vaccination for their children. We invited Dr Taylor Bean to share her expertise and experience in talking to parents about this sensitive topic. 

Dr Bean has written and spoken extensively about immunity, vaccine optimization and in this clip, about informed consent.

Watch the full episode here: Informed Consent: Speaking To New Parents About Vaccines

Dr Carissa Doherty on How To Transform A Child In Two Weeks
For over 20 years, Dr Carissa Doherty has been telling us that the right diet can transform a child in just two weeks. 

She reveals how for children under three months, changes in diet can produce changes in health and behavior within six to twenty-four hours. For older children, practitioners can see changes in the digestive system in 24 to 48 hours, for example, a reduction in constipation, hyperactivity and other symptoms of ADHD.

Watch the full episode here: How To Transform A Child In Two Weeks

Dr Sonya Doherty and Dr Cameron McIntyre on Medical Complications Underlying Autism
Autism is complex; physical issues can often masquerade as cognitive behavioral disorders. This year,  Dr Sonya Doherty and Dr Cameron McIntyre joined us to share new information on the underlying medical issues behind the aggression and self-injury behaviors that can be so disturbing in children with ASD and what practitioners can do to bring immediate relief for autistic children and their parents. 

Watch the full episode here: Treating Medical Complications Underlying Autism

Key Quote  

“As practitioners, we have to always remember that it is the patient's choice. The choice is always in their hands, and it's our duty to provide unbiased information so that they can make an informed decision. That's our duty. And it needs to be clear, transparent and evidence based.” Dr Taylor Bean ND

“Much food is synthetic. It acts like heroin in the brain. And it's not necessary for overall growth. We don't need synthetic food for growth, and in fact, it can harm our kids in a huge way. They don't need a lot of processed food to have a physical effect. Even if you put a little bit of processed food into a little body, it's going to make a huge impact.”  Dr Carissa Doherty ND

“Children with autism have aggression and self-injury, behaviors like constant mouthing or flapping or jumping, and these behaviors are almost always caused by untreated and undiagnosed medical concerns.”  Dr Sonya Doherty ND

“There are themes of sleep challenges and gut disturbances and chronic inflammation in the brain and beyond. Some parents know exactly what's going on with their kids and others need things to be broken down and educated. They need to be educated on the fact that it's not just something happening in the brain".  Dr Cameron McIntyre ND


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