Aging Gratefully with Dr Judith Boice

After a celebrated career of almost 30 years, Dr Judith Boice knows how important it is to take care of yourself. We spoke to her about her practitioner self-care.

At Nutramedica, we want to give you the tools you need to be at your best every day, so we ask practitioners across the country what they are doing to stay healthy.  Today, we are talking to Dr Judith Boice, ND, Lac, FABNO about what she does every day to maintain her energy and balance.

Dr Judith Boice is a naturopathic physician, acupuncturist, #1 international best-selling author and award-winning teacher. She has been in practice for 25 years.

Key Take-Aways


Adopt A Spiritual Practice  
Dr Boice champions Qigong, a movement practice similar to Tai Chi.  Developed in China thousands of years ago as part of traditional Chinese medicine, Qigong involves using exercises to optimize energy within the body, mind, and spirit, with the goal of improving and maintaining health and well-being. Dr Boice practces QiGong every day. She regards QiGong as a self-cultivation practice with a scientific basis.

Happiness Must Be Practiced, Like The Violin
Dr Boice grew up learning to play the violin. She went through the conservatory and has a a degree in violin performance from Oberlin. Then, under pressure of building her practice, she set her violin aside for 25 years. Now she is coming back to playing again. Dr Boice believes that any practice (yoga, running, gardening or music for example) that allows the mind to be still is beneficial is managing stress and nurturing a calm and tranquil mindset.

A Garden and a Library
Cicero said if you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need. Dr Boice has both a library and a beautiful garden that she spends as much time as she can cultivating. Studies have found evidence that being in a green landscape, is linked to less anxiety and depression, better stress management, and many other positive effects. Once apon a time Dr Boice was a full time gardner at the Fenton Garden. She believes the secret ingredient to nurturing a beautiful garden is… love! 

Silent Retreat  
In a world of endless distractions, most of us have no clue how to simply do nothing. Once a year Dr Boice takes a time-out to go on a silent retreat. Her favoured destination is Hawaii. Dr Boice believes that when we become overly busy with work and other obligations, we can all benefit from listening to our thoughts and emotions. A silent retreat allows Dr Boice to focus on walking meditations in peaceful and beautiful spaces. This is when her journey of self-enquiry truly begins.


Key Quote  

“Qi means life force, energy and vitality. Gong means skill or practice. So QiGong is the practice of bringing vitality into the body. And right now, I feel like QiGong is in a similar place in this continent to where yoga was 50 years ago”. Dr Judith Boice ND

“Just like with people, I believe the deepest secret in working with the garden is giving it your ongoing attention. I was actually a full time garden gardener at the Fenton Foundation. What I learned in my time there is that plants respond to love. That's the primary nutrient and the one that we can most powerfully bring.” Dr Judith Boice ND


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