Integrative Health Action Network (Part 2)

Learn how to contribute to your community by joining the Integrative Health Action Network, an organization that supports the Red Cross and other first responders in climate emergencies.

Today Nutramedica is talking to Dr Jen Riegle, one of the founders of the Integrative Health Action Network, or IHAN, a group that engages integrative health practitioners to provide support to people who have suffered from climate disasters. In part two, we are speaking about opportunities for integrative health care practitioners to become involved with this group by joining it directly or setting up similar organizations.

Key Take-Aways


Crisis definition
In the Chinese language, the word crisis is composed of two characters. One represents danger while the other represents opportunity. We certainly see what the danger is when it comes to the climate crisis for all of us, but opportunities are also created for integrative health professionals in this way.

Caring for those in need
In many places in the United States, including in California, integrative health is not covered by insurance. Climate crisis evacuees who end up in shelters often have few resources.

For many,  this is their first experience of integrative medicine.  Many first responders have never experienced it either.

Contribute your time to IHAN
Although IHAN’s most active chapters are in CaliforniaI, the organization is looking to expand. Whether you are a healthcare provider or not, IHAN needs your support.

IHAN is seeking volunteers!  Assistance is welcomed in administration, fundraising, and partnering.

Help fund IHAN
If you do not have the time or the ability to volunteer, consider donating as the money goes to great use. IHAN will make use of every cent to provide care to our first responders and evacuees, as well as providing long-term care after that to make sure that patients are recovering well. 


Key Quote  

“To put the skill set that we have gained over many years of training and practice to use, that feels really meaningful. I think that's a huge one and ultimately that's what has people coming back because it feels really meaningful to be able to provide services in that way, during a time when your community is very truly most at need”

Dr Jen Riegle


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